Sunday 14 January 2018

2018 is here!

And I can't believe it! I also can't believe that I haven't blogged since December 20th and it was only because I had arranged to take part in an online advent calendar!
So here is how we spent the holidays.
I had 15 days off school but I was sick with a flu for 12 days and hubby was for 7 and we spent most time in bed.I was unable to breathe, I had fever and cough. I ended up having antibiotics. I managed to pass the virus to my mum too because of course I still had to take care of her and I also had to cook as hubby couldn't. We had to call an ambulance for my mum but they had the best idea to call a family doctor at home because the hospital would do mum more harm and so we did and he came on the 2nd of the new year and had a look at all of us. Mum was fine in two days.Thank God! I was fine the day before school started.And on the second day at school I was down with a cold again because I had to spend the day in the yard while it was cold and misty.
So this is only a short note to let you in the new year and hopefully I will manage to blog a bit more this year.
It seems that I prefer instagram rather than blogging nowadays.
And as I stopped my monthly blog posts in July I still have to blog about 5 months of 2017.We will see, maybe I will manage to.
Till then....have a great 2018!
The photo is from a morning I had to take Barca out inspite my cold and so saw this magestic view!


Mii Stitch said...

Oh dear! Glad you're all on the mend and getting over the nasty flu virus going on everywhere. I hope to read your new posts soon x

Seadragon said...

Oh no ... what a horrible way to start the New Year. I'm glad you are on the mend now. The rest of the year can only be better!

Lillie said...

Oh dear, hope you have recovered well by now. It's must have been the weather. We are experiencing chilly weather these couple of days. It's been drizzling like over a week daily 24 hours a day, never have we had such weather before. Take care

Unknown said...

have a nice week Dear Ariadne

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

It's horrible being ill when you are off work. Glad you are all now doing well.

Gwen said...

Hope you and family are all on the mend. We are experiencing a very bad outbreak of the flu here as lots of people sick. Hope you will be back to stitching and blogging soon. Will look for you on IG.

Barb said...

My DH and I have the nasty bug now. He had to go on antibiotics, I'm in a we will see pattern. So sorry it took up your whole vacation!! But I am glad to hear your mom made out quite well. I always look forward to seeing your posts!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a way to spend Christmas! Hope you are all OK now.