Tuesday 7 March 2017

February the month of the doctors!

Hello again everyone!
Still this blog is continuing on monthly blog posts!
Hope you are all well and you still read me even if I rarely blog!
February wasn't a very happy month healthwise, hence the title of this post.
We had to visit all kinds of doctors for check ups. One thing brought another but hopefully all is well in the end.
So here's what I was up to this month!
In February it was carnival
The kids did various things about Carnival at school. They made masks with their Art teacher.
But I also made masks with them!
Some put on masks and wigs during a Carnival party at school and I had to try one of the wigs too.
Clowns visited the school and did games with the children. I had to take part somehow too although I wasn't in the best of moods.
That tall skinny clown called himself macaroni!
The Parents' Association organized a party too at a club and I went to dance with the kids.
Hubby and I went out with our Drama Club and had to put something on!What I really like about this photo is my smile inspite all the bad things that were happening at the time! I don't like bad things spoiling my happiness!
During February the weather was rather cold but there were also good sunny days too. Of course we walked the sea front a lot as always.
Even with the school we walked the seafront to go to the theatre.

It was this play we went to see "Noah's Family"
In February we went to Serres too for a day. It was raining heavily all the way.
I also spent an afternoon at Koumpi coffee and crafts cafe with my dear crafty group.Under the supervision of Anna of In My Closet we made lovely flowers and kites out of tin cans for charity.

In February I had coffee with friends in this lovely little cafe in the city centre called Petit Paris!
I love the way they have decorated the cafe.

As I told you healthwise it wasn't the best of months and friends of ours too have been to hospital. We make each visit a party to cheer them up!And hope for the best!
On Clean Monday we had dinner at my brother's and he and his wife had made an excellent meal of various delicious treats! I added my giant beans, coleslaw and octopus!

In February my Godson had a concert at his music school and I enjoyed it so much.He even presented us with his own composition for piano, strings and woodwinds.
Other bad things have happened too. Our beach house was vandalised by someone who disliked the fact that we had refugees there for a weekend last summer!Oh well!

Other things are better in life!Like our Barca sensing the spring!
During February I kept busy with my crafts.
In the ceramics class I made two dishes.
I brought home my coffeepot.
I made a set of coasters.
And I brought home one of the dishes too.
During February I finished my Balinese Dancer.

Now I have to frame it.
I also stitched a couple of Easter things that I will show you in the next month!
In February we did an exchange of gifts with the Drama Club and I received these.
I also received a card for my birthday from my dear Marabeth.
A card from dear Frieda from the Netherlands.
Another lovely parcel from dear Juliana in Scotland filled with great chocolate and sea glass.
And I really adored this blown glass heart!
I also received a postcard from Hong Kong where my dear friend Cathy is travelling.
And a letter and a birthday card from dear Ruth in Israel.
I also received this great poetry and painting book from another dear friend.
And a sweet mug cover from a dear colleague!
In February I read the following books.

And I bought some plastic thread bobbins to at last wound my threads to.
And a great Spring jacket from the second hand shop (although the jacket is absolutely new)
 In February I was using this lovely desktop calendar by Geninne Zlatkis. You can find it here.
I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and that you are well!
See you next month!


Justine said...

What an eventful month! So sorry to read of all your troubles. Your pottery and stitching are absolutely beautiful, and you received some lovely gifts too. Keep smiling!

Linda said...

What a lovely post and congrats on the beautiful finish Ariadne. I hope your feeling better.


Marie-Anne said...

Παρά τις δυσκολίες, είχες και αρκετά ευχάριστα μέσα στον μήνα που μας πέρασε.
Εύχομαι ότι καλύτερο από εδώ και εμπρός!
Να χαρείς τα δωράκια σου και την Άνοιξη που μας έρχεται!!!

Barb said...

I did enjoy the post. I hope all the health issues are past you. I had a few myself, it must have been February!! Nothing serious here but annoying. I loved seeing the children enjoying Carnival. I hope that sweet dog is correct about spring!

zina said...

Περαστικα όλα εύχομαι Αριαδνη μου. Να εισαι παντα καλα και να χαμογελας παντα :)

mpiskotoupoli said...

Χαίρομαι που τα θέματα υγείας ήταν περαστικά Αριάδνη!!!Όπως πάντα οι φωτογραφίες σου υπέροχες,μας ταξίδεψαν...τι υπέροχα τα γυαλάκια της θάλλασας και το κέντημα σου,γεια στα χέρια σου!!!Καλημέρα!!!

Mii Stitch said...

I am so sorry to read about the health issues and the trouble over at your beach house. Staying positive is keeping your beautiful smile up are the best things to do :)
Congratulations on finishing your lovely cross stitch project!! Happy dance! Also love your ceramic work... those drink coasters are superb!!!

nikol said...

Ελπίζω ότι έχει σχέση με τα θέματα υγείας να είναι περαστικά Αριάδνη μου γιατί η υγεία μας δεν είναι δεδομένη !!
Πολύ γεμάτος ο μήνας σου , μου αρέσουν πολύ τα κεραμικά σου (κάτι που θέλω να κάνω και εγώ!!!) αλλά και το κεντημένο σου κορίτσι !!
Να είστε όλοι καλά

butterfly said...

Beautiful photos thanks for sharing , I love your lady so pretty.
Some wonderful gifts from friends .
I am so sorry about your trouble's and hope all is well now .
Have a lovely March and enjoy the Spring time.

Tiffstitch said...

I hope everyone's health issues are improving and beautiful stitching. I'm so sorry your beach house was vandalized. I don't know what to think about people sometimes.

Lillie said...

It's always a joy to read your post. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos, the kids look great, sorry about your health issues and I wish you a speedy recovery. Your Balinese dance is stunning and your pottery are amazing. Enjoy the gifts and mails from your friends, hope that brings you some delightful moments .

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It was certainly a busy month even with the health issues. How nice that your Birthday spread over two months too!
Your ceramics are lovely and I really like the red blown glass heart.
Congratulations on the Happy Dance for the Balinese Dancer, she is beautiful.

Sara said...

It seems you had a busy February! I enjoy reading your post.
I hope you are enjoying your March as well.

Poppy said...

Ariadne, your positive outlook, happy face and endless energy, despite the health challenges you had to deal with, are always evident in everything that you do. I sincerely hope that the worst is behind you. Your numerous projects are all lovely. Thanks for sharing and Happy March!


Brigitte said...

I enjoyed reading your February post as always, Ariadne. So sorry that there were also some negative things happening during February. I hope that you could sort out your health problems and that there is nothing to worry about. And hopefully you were able to clean your beach house so that you can enjoy your stays there again.
Your ceramic dishes and coasters are gorgeous. And your Balinese Dancer looks fantastic. A really great finish, congratulations!
Wonderful gifts and cards that you received from your friends worldwide.