Thursday 12 January 2017

Secret Crafter Exchange

It was the third year now that Anna of In My Closet organized one more #secretcrafter exchange.
So many crafters around Greece and some even abroad were waiting eagerly for this exchange.
Of course I joined in.
Here's what I received.
I got my parcel from Evangelia of  δ+ε χειροποίητο κόσμημα (d+e handmade jewelry).
Sweet Evangelia wrote me a beautiful letter, made a handmade card (and I am planning to copy her idea next year), made me many little handmade gifts, sent me lots of materials to make new things, sent me delicious chocolate treats from Greece and abroad, wrapped everything beautifully, and the sweetest treat of all was a little car that her two-year-old son sent as a gift for my son!How sweet is that!?
Everything wrapped beautifully and with a colour code.Darker blue the gifts, light blue the materials.
So many beautiful gifts, a ceramic pomegranate, felt Xmas ornaments, wire ornaments, a rice bag to get my hands warm (so handy in the recent snow weather) and materials, felt, ribbons, sequins, ceramic butterfly beads, chains, ceramic beads.
All put in a nice box.
 I loved the card!
 Her little boy's gift for my big boy!
 One of the gifts, a metal bookmark for my reading!
You can find more of what Evangelia makes on her page on facebook. She makes some lovely jewelry!
And here's what I sent.My recipient was Tatiana in Athens.
I made her one of my stones but this time I added a felted bird.I made it in her favourite colour orange.

 I decided I had too many materials so I sent her lots like cards, decoupage papers, stickers, sequins, sea glass and sea shells, ribbons, embellishments,fabric scraps and much more.Some were sent to me years ago and I decided that since I am not using them maybe they are more useful to others.
I wrapped everything in little parcels and my recipient had to open each thing every day like an advent calendar but till the end of the year. 
I also made a Christmas card and added some handmade chocolate in a tin box.
All in all it was a lovely exchange!Looking forward to next year!


Mii Stitch said...

Wow, Ariadne, what a super duper exchange!!!
I love the stone you've made with the little bird. Exquisite & autumnal colours... really pretty.

Mαρία Γεωργακού said...

Hello i really like your christmas felt ornament and the idea of advent calendar

Tiffstitch said...

That's so lovely for the back and forth gifts!

Unknown said...

Να χαρείς τα όμορφα δωράκια σου Αριάδνη !!!
καλο βραδυ

Kaisievic said...

Fabulous exchange, Ariadne, you both received and gave wonderful gifts. Exchanges are so much fun, aren't they?

nikol said...

Λατρεύω και εγώ αυτές τις ανταλλαγές !!! Υπέροχα όσα έλαβες και έστειλες !!! Και του χρόνου λοιπόν !! Την αγάπη μου και στους τρεις σας!!!

Barb said...

That was a wonderful exchange!

Lillie said...

What a lovely exchange for both.

butterfly said...

Great exchanges , lovely gifts to each other.

Χριστίνα Πεταλωτή said...

Καλή υπέροχη χρονιά Αριάδνη! Να είστε όλοι καλά στην οικογένεια. Κόλλησα με τις φωτογραφίες, με ξεκουράζουν αφάνταστα τα μικροαντικείμενα. Πολύ ωραία πρωτοβουλία η ανταλλαγή υλικών!

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Είναι πραγματικά υπέροχες αυτές οι ανταλλαγές !!! Τις λατρεύω !!!! Θαυμάσια και αυτά που έλαβες και αυτά που έστειλες !!!! Μπράβο.... και καλές δημιουργίες !!!!!

Bea said...

Beautiful gifts in your exchange. Obviously a lot of thought went into box boxes.