Sunday 13 November 2016

October, the month of the theatre.

Oh how time flies! I can't even blog once a month!
Anyway I decided I will try to blog about October and I managed to write this blogpost in a period of three days, otherwise time is never enough to write it at once.
October was a theatre filled month.
But it started with a swim.The weather kept great in October and on the first weekend we went to the beach house.
It was lovely spotting our flowers again....

 and some new ones in the neighbourhood!
And spotting this collibri like insect too! I couldn't take photos of it as it didn't stand still so I took a short video.If you like have a look!

 The water was rather cold but I enjoyed it although hubby didn't give it a try....
 I collected some sea glass of course.

 And we had a little bit of tsipouro too at our favourite local tavern.
In October there was the semi Marathon one evening and we went to watch the people running. Due to some health problems on our legs we decided not to take part in the 5000 m run this time.
It was fun watching and spotting people we know and supporting them in their effort.And looking at beautiful spots lit at night. The umbrellas were lit pink for the breast cancer awareness day.

In October we met with friends and had dinner at Molyvos, a great restaurant.

 Their desert was superb.
 As the title probably proves in October I went many a time to the theatre.
First I had an invitation for the opera Aida which was fantastic!
Hubby and I also went to "I oraia toy Peran" (The beauty of Peran) ,
and "Aggeliki ",
both at T theatre and bothvery good performances!
We also went to the excellent performance of To Trito Stefani (at Moni Lazariston).
I loved meeting the protagonists Elissavet Konstandinidou and Thanasis Dislis,a friend of ours,afterwards.

Finally in October I decided to take up the role of Assassin in Game Over, the new children's play performed by the Teachers' Association Drama Club. The member who had the part had to move city so the group asked me to take the role as they had performances for November. The part is small but fun!Game Over is written by Afroditi Ioannou and Ioanna Katsarou and directed by Ioanna Katsarou, both talented teachers.
 In October I went to an art exhibition by Stefania Patrikiou. I loved her work and ordered a piece of my own so you will see it at some point!

 In October there was an exchange bazaar at Koumbi coffee and crafts cafe.
There were lots of things to choose from.

 I had some great greek coffee with hazelnut flavour and a piece of the birthday cake that was made by amazing Christina while trying to decide what to take.
Here's what I got for the things I had brought.Some I will give to my pupils, some to the Xmas exchanges this year.
The next bazaar is on 4th December so have a look if you are in the area. You can bring your stuff by appointment and then come on the day of the bazaar and get some things in exchange or buy some things very reasonably priced!
In October we walked the seafront a lot as usual and especially because the weather was good.
Every time we walk the seafront there are surprises for us!

Barca does not like some of the surprises!But this huge stray dog is very friendly!
In October I had the chance to meet sweet Anthi of Chrwmata kai paramythia (Colours and fairy Tales), a cozy little workshop place where amazing things are being made!

 I was impressed by Anthi's and her students' talents and bought this cute mixed media (wood, paper, clay,paints) duo for our beach house. The profits all go to Antonopouleion Institute.
In October craftwise I covered some stones with ready made crochet motifs which I really liked.
 I made one more sea glass felted stone.
I stitched some more squares on my SAL Snowflower Diaries calendar.
And as Barca is always by me I decided to change the black and white dog of August into one that looks like Barca and even added her Barca scarf! On that day Barcelona was playing and we were watching of course!
(This photo is three Barcas in one!Barca overdose!)

 In October I won a giveaway by Dream Aspirations by Maria Nalmpantidou and had the chance to visit Maria and meet her.She is such a sweet lady!
Maria very kindly gave me a heart along the little boat I had won.They are all made by papier mache and are so beautiful!
In October I read

 And I also prepared my to-read books for the next two months to finish the 
So little sleeping and so much reading #readathon16 challenge.
October ended with a short trip to nearby Bulgaria but I am planning a separate blogpost about that!


Purple Pixie Dust said...

Hello dear friend. I so enjoyed reading your blog. You did quite allot in one month. Thanks for the video, the little bug is called a Hummmingbird Moth and I have never seen one before but have heard of them. You have allot of books to read in the next couple of months, have fun reading. I love your covered rocks, they so impress me. We have great weather here too. Can't believe how warm and sunny the weather is for this time of year. Take care my friend big hugs from

Poppy said...

Kalispera Ariadne,

What a wonderful collection of your October highlights! Creative, culinary and cozy, I especially love the shots of the sea, the AMAZING food, which I miss so very much, and of course, the cute critters!


Kim said...

Wow, what a fabulous October you seemed to have had. I am not surprised at all you had no time to blog. Glorious photos. Such a colourful, fun-filled life you lead. Love all the colour in this post. Love your Snowflower Diaries Calender; your Barca is so very sweet. Have a lovely November, Ariadne, in your beautiful Greece.

nikol said...

Μου αρέσει που έκανες τόσα πολλά και όμορφα πράγματα τον Οκτώβρη !! Και έχεις δίκιο που να μείνει χρόνος για το μπλογκ !!
Το εργαστήρι της Ανθής με έχει ξετρελάνει και εμένα !!Ετσι όμορφα να περνάτε Αριάδνη μου και το Νοέμβριο !! Σε φιλώ με την αγάπη μου

Brigitte said...

So many great activities during the month of October. Thanks for sharing all these pictures.
There was even some stitching going on. A great month for you.

zina said...

Γεμάτος μήνας!!! Μπράβο Αριάδνη! και στα επόμενα με το καλο!

Α! αυτο το μπισκοτο κουμπι, πολυ το ζηλεψα :)

Bea said...

You had a busy month and thank you for sharing it with us. Such a wide variety of activities. Good luck with your reading.

Mii Stitch said...

Another busy month for you!
Great pictures and lovely little crosses :)

Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Έχεις δίκιο, με τόσα που έκανες τον Οκτώβριο πώς να σου μείνει καιρός για μπλόγκινγκ !!! Πάντως μας αποζημιώνεις κάθε μήνα με τις τόσο ωραίες φωτογραφίες σου και τις γεμάτες αναρτήσεις σου !!! Απόλαυσα πολύ τον διάκοσμο της ταβέρνας και όλες τις δημιουργίες των εκθέσεων !!! Οι θησαυροί της θάλασσας πανέμορφοι, Να είσαι καλά και να περνάς πάντα τόσο όμορφα !!!!!Καλή εβδομάδα !!!!

Tiffstitch said...

A busy month, gorgeous photos and lovely stash, both for your house (mixed media) and students. Great costume too, and stitching. Nice conversion for Barca!

Kaisievic said...

Great blogpost, Ariadne. It certainly looks like you had a wonderful October. I am sure that November is just as fun and busy. I look forward to reading all about Bulgaria next. K xxx

Frances said...

You certainly were busy in October!
Looks like you did many fun things and also many different things!
Enjoyed your post!

Lillie said...

So much of excitement in October. The sea look so inviting, glad you found more sea glass for your collection and time to meet up with friends over a delicious dinner. I spotted an antique sewing machine in the restaurant. Enjoy your reading and your holidays.

Sheryl said...

I always enjoy the photos you publish. Great work on the Joyful World SAL and I love your felted sea glass stone and crochet motifs. Beautiful views and interesting exchange bazaar. The Game Over play sounds great fun and I love your costume.

Thalia Tzellou said...

Πόσο γεμάτος ήταν ο μήνας σου Αριάδνη μου με τόσο όμορφες δραστηριότητες! Εμείς εδώ στην επαρχία στερούμαστε τα πάντα και ευτυχώς εσύ μας μεταφέρεις το κλίμα της πόλης με τα θέατρα, τις εκθέσεις και τα παζάρια! Οι δημιουργίες σου και τα κεντήματά σου είναι πανέμορφα! Μα καλά, η θάλασσα δεν ήταν παγωμένη? Να χαρείς τα όμορφα δωράκια σου και να περνάτε πάντα πολύ όμορφα!Φιλιά πολλά, ειδικά στον γλυκύτατο Μπάρκα!

krishna said...

Love your cross stitch.. I have two friends from Greece.. Happy to find your blog..

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