Thursday 26 November 2015

When Frieda visits....

it's a chance for fun!
My friend Frieda lives on Skiathos island and we hadn't met for quite a long time!
It was great that she came and we met again and did things together!
Here's what we did! It was such a full of fun weekend.
On Friday...
...we went to the International Trade Fair grounds at the Xeirotexnika Fair (a handicraft fair) organized by the creative Ftiaxto ladies who first brought the DIY sites in Greece. First we went around seeing the various stalls and vendors who sold handicraft supplies and handmade things and then we attended a workshop by dear Anna of In My Closet. She showed us how to make a snow globe.

 There were so many beautiful things to buy.I bought a cushion from Sis style who are a family enterprise of some former students of mine. Isn't it beautiful? And matches my vintage Danish armchair.
I also bought a lovely pair of earrings made in makrame style by Helen's Macrame Creations.This vendor really had so many beautiful things.
After the Fair we went for pizza at Famigliano
 and had to try the pavlova too. Divine!
On Saturday...
...we went to the beach house. The leaves of the trees had covered the lawn.

 We planted the bautiful flower pot my friends had brought a couple of weeks ago and I felt it was a pity to leave it in a small pot in the balcony of the city house. Doesn't it look lovely here?
Of course we walked the beach looking for sea glass as sea glass was what brought Frieda and I together.Of course we found some.
Barca thought it was summer and she went in!

 And we ended the day trip with lunch at our favourite spot.

 Barca made friends with a stray puppy....
 ...who was clever enough to eat her food!

In the evening we returned to the city and went to the theatre to see Project Bacchae. It was amazing once again and Andreas Konstantinou, hubby's Godson was fantastic in his one man show again.
(photo from their site)
On Sunday we went on a tour for the Open House Thessaloniki. That's a tour of buildings with architectural interest in the city.It was their fourth year.
We started early and we were lucky we managed to visit the metro station which is under construction in my area and had huge lines. It was very interesting to see this very important project for our city waiting to finish at some point (in our lifetimes?)

 Then we went to the YMCA building and took a tour inside this old building.The tour guide was a young architect student and made the tour very interesting!
 She even took us out at a balcony with a view of the White Tower for a selfie!

There was a charity bazaar taking place in the premises and here is what I bought, a vintage USSR porcelain piece, I couldn't leave it, it was only a euro!
 And some embroidery pieces. The golden one is silk with handcrochet motifs.The black and red is tiny cross stitch. For a couple of euros I couldn't pass those either.
Then we visited a private residence in the city centre with fantastic views of the White Tower,

 great art on the walls,

 and an astonishing shell mosaic floor.
 Then we went to Make Creative Spaces,a designer space where one can create their own art or craft using machinery installed in the place.

 Finally before going back home we went once again at Xeirotexnika to attend one more workshop by Anna of In My Closet and we made a lovely mobile with paper feathers.

 It was a fun weekend wasn't it? Frieda you should visit again soon!


Dream on the wave said...

It really was a fun and full weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again for your hospitality. I will come again for sure.

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Awesome time with your friend Frieda, thanks for the look see of your time together. big hugs

butterfly said...

Looks ;like you had fun with your friend ,and wonderful photos.

Unknown said...

as I can see on your picture ... you had a great weekend with your
friend ....Να περάσεις πάντα καλά ...Have a nice weekend ...

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

That was a packed week-end, but it seems you had really nice weather!

Thalia Tzellou said...

Χαίρομαι Αριάδνη μου που περάσατε τόσο όμορφα!! Φανταστικές φωτογραφίες!! Φιλάκια πολλά και καλό μήνα!!