Monday 1 December 2014

In my closet a Secret Santa hid an Advent Calendar!

I know I know a strange title!
Well, the story goes like this.
I am still a member of egst although my little "shop" is dying! Every Christmas the members play Secret Santa. Actually the members exchange gifts. You send a handmade gift to one member and receive from another!It is fun and all in the Christmas spirit!
I sent my gift but as I have no news from the recipient yet I won't talk about it yet!
Last week hubby and I joined my crafty girlfriends to a shopping walk for crafty materials. We had fun but I will talk about that too in another blogpost!(already promises for two future blogposts)
Before leaving the shop Anna of in my closet blog and inmyc etsy shop gave me a bag she meticulously was carrying for two hours while our walk lasted saying "It is for you! I am your Secret Santa!"
I was astonished with happiness! Anna is such a talented girl so being her "recipient" is a priviledge! I was wondering what there was inside my box!
 When I got home I opened it.There was a card and a big pizza box covered in stickers! The child in me was eager to see what's inside!
So I opened it and first I saw a little bag with some little buttons!
I wasn't sure what they were made of but the smell proved they are soap buttons. Anna had them custom made in this shop. Aren't they lovely?
I put them in my button bowl of course.
And then went on to uncover the rest of my gift. And saw this!
An Advent Calendar! I so much love Advent Calendars! It is a frame on which Anna glued after having painted a number of tin boxes! Such a great idea of upcycling!
Anna not only made her own gift for me but wanted it to last a whole month!
It even shines in the dark! Just in case  one feels like opening it at night!
I made a promise to myself to enjoy it every day till Christmas so I didn't open the little tin boxes. Instead closed the box and left it to rest somewhere I wouldn't be able to reach it (and neither would Barca). But as the box felt rather heavy I looked underneath the frame of the Advent calendar and found one more gift.
This lovely cushion cover from inmyc shop!
 Isn't it lovely and so appropriate for an English teacher like me! Thank you Anna!
Barca of course had to have a look! But you will hear her opinion in another blog post!(third promise!)
So today I opened my first little box!
 And inside there were some beautiful little...buttons! Of course!Anna adores buttons!
I will be posting a photo of what's inside my Advent Calendar every day (hope I manage! Ooops one more promise!)
Anna thank you so much!
Have a great month every one! And remember it's the countdown to Christmas! Hurray!


Ο κόσμος της Ράνιας said...

Πολύ όμορφα τα κουμπιά !! Θα περιμένουμε τα δωράκια του ημερολογίου με χαρά !!!! Καλό σου μήνα !!!

Unknown said...

That was a nice surprise!

eleanna said...

Many many wonderful surprises & presents Ariadne! Congrats ; (and many many promises....!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ariadne

What a great Secret Santa present, I love the soap buttons!
Have a good week x

Decor Asylum said...

Τι τέλειο δώρο!!! Να νοιώθεις σαν παιδί κάθε μέρα, ανυπομονώντας να ανοίξεις ένα κουτάκι!!!

Mii Stitch said...

What lovely gifts from your friend! Love the cushion cover and the sweet soap buttons :)
How clever is that advent calendar?? Glowing in the dark, no less!! :D Looking forward to read your upcoming posts... I'm so curious to find out what's in these little boxes :P xx

zina said...

υπεροχο δωρο!!! κατι σαν το κυνηγι θυσαυρου!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a perfect gift for you! I've never had an advent calendar but it would be nice and festive! Enjoy your week sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Oh buttons! Nice surprise!

Μαργαρίτα said...

Wow τι γενναιόδωρος secret santa! Ύπέροχα όλα!

AppleApricot Wen said...

What a wonderful idea to exchange secret Santa handmade surprise gifts. You must be so curious what is inside all the sweet little tins, I'm sure I would be! I am now too, lol. Big hugs to you, enjoy your gifts