Sunday 7 September 2014

When it's bad weather you just have to remember the good weather!

September is always for starts, I think good starts! School starts!Univeristy starts!Home decluttering starts!
As this had been an exceptional summer starting with the trip to the U.S.A, going on to twenty beautiful beach days and ending in a theatre award and my son entering University, I cannot possibly think of a better start to Fall but a September with new school things and plans for meeting friends, crafting and decluttering. And I won't allow anyone or anything else to spoil the magic!
So although I would have preferred a weekend at the beach I will just stay here due to the weather and enjoy cleaning the flat! And remember lovely times at the beach this August!
Hope you enjoy them too!
Four mothers of four boys of the same age! We are lucky at this beach house that we have so many friends!
 Collecting sea glass and beach finds!

 And even spotting a wasp on a dead fish!
Watching the sunset every evening!

 Going to beautiful beaches to swim!

 Cleaning the lot!
 Enjoying the shade of a new umbrella!Thanks sis!
Laughing with Barca enjoying swimming!

Great days at the beach when you can't tell the sea and the sky apart!

 Reading! Manhattan Freud! Excellent! And so good to read something that takes place in New York and you can now realise what it means to be in Times Square or 42nd Street!
And another good read! Ouranopetra (=skystone) by Yannis Kalpouzos. I didn't manage to read many books this summer!
Spotting rainbows!

And beautiful shadows!
Visiting friends at Posidi on a windy unfortunately no swimming day!

Visiting a part of Chalkidiki for the first time! Just under the Potidea bridge!Unfortunately no sea glass there either!

Hope you enjoyed your summer!


Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful pictures, Ariadne! :D

zina said...

Υπέροχες φωτο!