Saturday 5 January 2013

What about some sea glass?

I had collected so much beautiful sea glass back in October when we were on Skiathos island. Here is the first washed bunch.
Since I did not manage to collect any sea glass these holidays I thought of showing you that.
 Jingle shells
 pottery and brick
 white and green sea glass
 and a little bit of blue
 lovely tile
 glass bottom
 white pebbles


butterfly said...

What wonderful goodies from the sea. thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

As always you find great pieces!!! very nice. The buttons are a great find. I have never found a button

beachcomber said...

wow.. great finds!
i love the pottery pieces the most.

Annuk said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love treasures from the sea... and especially beach pottery!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful collection ariande!

Desire Empire said...

How fabulous. There is very little of these treasures on Australian beaches.