Monday 17 December 2012

What can I say?

I was planning to show you some photos on the 14th with my Christmas decorations in close ups and tell about each one where it came from.
Unfortunately the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy happened and I felt again I didn't want to blog as I didn't know what to say.
What can one say in front of such an unbelievable tragedy.
Then on the same day 20 poor people were drowned on the coast of Lesvos island trying to get illegally in my country. Then 10 little girls were killed by a mine in Afghanistan.
Why, oh why do these things happen?
On the other hand our lives go on as usual, thank God,and sad or happy things happen and I am not in the mood to talk about them as in comparison to all those tragedies they seem so minute and uninteresting.
So I decided to add the photos of the paintings that the pupils in my school painted and organised a bazaar to gather some money.
All paintings were lovely and they show how beautiful the world is through the eyes of children.


Lisa said...

Beautiful art work I love the fruit bowl in the first picture and the sunset pictures are awesome. Too much tragedy this time of year.

prpltrtl946 said...

I agree, Ariadne!! Too much sorrow.

These beautiful art works from the children is what we all need to look at right now!! Such peace!

I adore the sunsets! I love how the children drew the reflections!!

Thank you for sharing this beauty with us!! <3

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

there are special times of the year, like this one, that are capable of showing us the extremes of life: the happy/the sad, the beauty/the awful.

it is up to each of us to choose which one to focus on and how to balance it at the same time.

I wish you well during this time.

It is clear that you are doing your best to balance everything and to see the "happy" and "beauty"; I know this because of the thoughts & images that you share.