Sunday 8 July 2012

A week in Athens (Part A)

Hello everyone! I had to be away for a week. I was in Athens along with hubby and my mum!
Hubby was taking part in the Strefi Hill Shadow Puppet Festival and my mum was visiting her brother who is sick.
For me it was  a chance to visit  lots of relatives and do some sightseeing too.
We arrived on Monday 2nd in the afternoon and settled at my aunt's. Then we went to walk in the city centre.
Athens was beautiful under the sunny sky although there were things we did not like. One that it was too hot again! It seems every time we go to Athens it is too hot.
Lycabettus Hill. We reached its foot.
 The University of Athens.
 and Lycabettus Hill in reflection!
 Strange buildings and grafitti.
 In the evening we attended two shadow performances on Strefi Hill.

I envy my aunt's taste in interior decoration.
 And how green her fingers are!
We rested on Tuesday morning! Karaghiozis was fantastic on Tuesday night too!
On the third day, Wednesday 4th, we went to my cousin at Melissia.We had the chance to collect thyme on Pendeli Mountain.
 We met my cousin's horse Alexander.
 I even rode behind my cousin on his bike after many many years!
 We had a lovely lunch together!
We met another aunt for coffee afterwards and in the evening we attended a great shadow puppet performance by Elias Karellas.
We had little chance to go shopping while in Athens but on Thursday after being treated with coffee at Zonar's by my other cousin and his wife we went to the Benaki Museum shop and what we bought was once again a shadow puppet figure!This beautiful car is a design by Sotiris Spatharis.
 The Benaki Museum shop is gorgeous although rather expensive!
 We took a glimpse of other shops but "no money no shopping"!
 And this is the huge flight of steps we went up and down many a time towards Strefi Hill to attend the performances.Two more on Thursday evening too!

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