Wednesday 7 March 2012

Where is spring?

I am trying to see spring around me but I cannot. March is here already and I cannot believe how time flies.Apart from the first couple of days of the month that were cold but sunny rain has returned and it indeed has put me down. I am not in the mood for anything and not in the mood to blog either.
To keep my mind away from dark thoughts like bills to be paid or arguments on financial matters or all the awful news we hear every day about the situation in Greece I started spring cleaning and decluttering. I will show photos of that later.
For the time being I will show you my new desktop by Geninne who is so marvellous to make one every month and share with her readers  and I really love it.

You can find it here.
I also rearranged my favourite porcelain mushrooms on my coffee table.

They are in this bigger glass plate with green sand, two of Margie's crochet stones, three porcelain leaves by Otchipotchi and two naughty ladybug magnets sent to me by my friend Cathy in England.
Thanks for keeping reading me!And welcome to the latest new followers.


Lisa said...

Try to get into the spring spirit. Last year you took beautiful pictures of spring starting to happen. Today it is 70 degrees here in New York unseasonably warm. I took a nice long walk on the beach and found some nice seaglass.

Margie Oomen said...

you are always surrounded by such loveliness

Dream on the wave said...

I feel you Ariadne, we just need some sunshine, it will help to feel better. It looks like the weather is teaming up with the whole athmospere in the country. But it will change though! We have to believe in it.

Geninne said...

Thank you so much Ariadne :-) I'm very honored and happy to be present in your home along with some of my dearest friend's beautiful art.